About Me

As a child I loved photographing special events in my life with the old film camera my parents gave me. It somehow felt like I was preserving a little bit of the feeling of that special moment, I didn't want to forget. I followed in the footsteps of my grandfather, who loved photographing the mountain wild flowers, and my dad, who loves capturing his family~ they taught me the value of creating art by capturing meaningful moments in time. I love revisiting images and remembering that magical time! I see the world in clicks, frozen in time, to breathe in again and again.


Life truly is a series of joy filled moments, and I'm here to capture them for you. 

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"My experience for my maternity shoot was amazing. I was feeling very self-conscious that I was almost 36 weeks and too big for photo's. But wow I was wrong!!! She made me feel so comfortable with her calm, kind, loving demeanor and the few she showed me I was blown away at how incredible they were. I can't wait to book a newborn session with her!"

Colby H.

"I felt so comfortable with Leah, the space was beautiful and light, and she gave great directions for posing. I can't wait to see my maternity photos!"

Courtney O.


"We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Leah to photograph this special time in the lives of our triplets.  Her studio was professional and clean, setting up our session was easy and well organized, and she and her assistant followed clear health and safety protocols. The session was comfortable and she was patient and tender with our three little loves. I think they sensed that the vibe was good as they all settled in for  a few different poses. The resulting photos are beautiful and will hang on our walls for years so we can remember fondly when our kids were fresh picked and sleepy.  Thank you Leah!"

Elizabeth D.

"Leah makes you feel right at home in her studio and works so well with kiddos. My 3 year old daughter tends to just smirk for photos, but Leah and her assistant were able to get real, beautiful smiles.

Leah got beautiful shots of my son and daughter individually, cute ones of them together, and lovely ones of the three of us. 

The bonus breastfeeding one she took is LOVE!  Breastfeeding is not an easy journey, but having this photo to look back on is going to be a sweet treasure."

Autumn W.

 “These pictures are everything I could have hoped for and more. My baby girl already feels so much older by the day, so these images are a priceless time capsule! I'm rarely in the photos, especially without the messy mom bun; and sure I have a thousand pictures of her sweet face and bright eyes, but you really caught the sparkle. Knowing there’s not moms camera phone between us in these sacred moments of just holding and treasuring each other is such a gift.” 

Kayla S.

"I loved my session with Leah. We did a  boho mommy and baby session and it was amazing! She’s so kind and welcoming, and her assistant helping her to get the baby smiling is fun too. Loved her studio, and loved that she had some snacks and beverages for mama and children! Leah has such a kind soul and she really pays attention to all the details to get that perfect shot. Looking at my photos from our mom and baby shoot brought me so much joy! I love the warmth and love in the photos and I’m so happy with my time I got with Leah to have these beautiful images to cherish forever 


Grace G.


I had an amazing experience with Leah - it was so easy and stress free and she even had the dress so I didn’t have to worry about finding the right outfit, and my baby was so happy with her!

Jera S.

Gah I’m so excited to see the pics! I am still so happy about how comfortable and beautiful you made me feel. Thank you again~

Kelsey H.


Leah did such an amazing job! From beginning to end it was a beautiful experience. In an intimate, yet fun, and relaxed atmosphere I felt like I was with a friend the whole time, when in fact it was my first time meeting her. The set was unique and creative and she made me feel so beautiful in it. With my husband, it felt like we were on a date and we had a lot of fun together as well. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a pregnancy photoshoot. Now looking at the pictures, they are such a precious reflection of our session with Leah. Thank you and we will be back as a family of 6!

Malika G.