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10 Fresh 2023 Wedding Trends

And just like that, 2022 is finished. After years of postponing weddings, 2022 held a record number of weddings and couples all over the world were eagerly ready to celebrate with loved ones!

We’ve seen new trends emerge and pass, here’s a list of what’s trending in 2023.

Wedding Trends For 2023

1. Embroidered Gloves

There’s nothing more elegant than a pair of bridal gloves. But brides are taking it up a notch and embroidering them. Some may even learn to embroider the gloves themselves or have a family member or friend do it for them. You can find sellers on Etsy that will customize them as well with your names, last name, wedding date, initials. It’s a great way to personalize your wedding look and participate in one of the hottest trends.

Image by Vivian Chen

2. Statement Veils

As far as accessories go, veils became a very popular wedding accessory in 2022, and the traditional look is being elevated to something more modern. The look in 2023 is statement veils. This can include colorful, embroidered, floral covered veils.

3. Non-traditional Guest Books

While there’s nothing wrong with using a traditional guest book, why not have your guests sign something you can use as a decor piece? Say a guitar? Or a record? Or maybe you’d rather have audio recordings of your guests with the help of companies like After The Tone. No matter what you choose, non-traditional guest books are a trend that is here to stay.

4. Destination Wedding Venue

Post-pandemic trend lends itself to destination weddings, as co

uples were forced to hold off on their weddings - they are itching for the exotic and over-the-top destinations. As travel improves, destination weddings are becoming more and more alluring.

Image by @matteocoltro_weddings

5. Focus on Sustainability

Couples are seeking out different ways to make their celebration greener than before. The focus in 2023 is more on sustainability and ecological options than ever before. Couples want local food and sustainable wedding souvenirs to reduce their ecological footprint. They are looking for companies that recycle, compost, and compensate for their environmental footprint. People have been far too cooped-up in past years and now want to get as close to nature as possible, as seen in venue trends for 2023. Get married in a forest and plant a tree together during your ceremony!

Image by @infinityweddingsitaly

6. Flowers Galore

We are seeing florals take over the wedding scene. Florals are now the tar of the show, and who doesn’t love florals? Headpieces, backdrops, centerpieces, floor to ceiling decor, and adorning hats and suit lapels and shoulders. Couples are opting to save on the rings and allocate more and more to wedding florals in over-the-top arrangements.

Image by Dawn Photo

7. Bold Color Palettes

We will continue to see some neutral and subtle wedding themes, but many couples are opting for increasingly more bold color. This past year held a lot of pastel pallets and 2023 will bring bolder, louder, and brighter wedding decor. Pantone announced its color of the year will be a very bold Viva Magenta!

8. Mixed Print Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days of matching bridesmaid dresses. 2023 welcomes in a strong trend toward mismatched prints and colorful selections. Be careful, though, to insure you do this in such a way to still create a cohesive look by giving everyone a color family to include in their dress choice.

9. Mixed Gender Wedding Parties

We started seeing this in 2022, and this year the trend will be even stronger. Many couples are opting to mix genders in their wedding party. Say goodbye to the idea of traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen, instead you can have anyone standing with you that you choose! There’s no reason you should have your favorite people standing with you on your big day.

10. Alternate Entertainment

The focus in 2023 will shift more to the guest experience than anything - and entertainment will be a big part of that. Couples are looking for the most new and unconventional entertainment that provides an expression of themselves. Having someone sing or play an instrument just isn’t enough, the entertainment trend is elevated. Think fire dancing, cakes floating across the room, DJs and musicians that are part of the crowd and not on stage, people want a party!

Image by @nextlevelmusicuk

Feel free to grab my sample wedding shot list and timeline template to help you with your planning!



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