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Pooch Paw-ty 2023 was a great success!

Get your event pet photo here!

Did you know that Sage+Soul also offers pet portraits? We call it "Fur-tography"!

Pups and pets grow SO FAST! You're going to want to capture this time with beautiful photographs you will cherish and enjoy~

The studio is in University Place, and on-site outdoor locations are also an option for you. We can go to your pup's FAVORITE spot, or use the studio with all our sets and props available. End-of-Life sessions also available to preserve your memory of your beloved pet.

Choose from 60 minute newborn pup sessions with multiple sets (we take the time to get your pup sleeping if possible!) or a short 30 min session great for non-newborn pets.

Yes, we will photograph your whole litter too!

This Pooch Paw-ty event was an absolute blast and I would love to provide fine art sessions for you all in the future! As a thank-you I'd like to offer you $50 off your full 60 min session (or $30 off your mini session) when you book your 2023 session by July 24th!



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