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{ Sofia + Tristan } November 05, 2023

Sofia and Tristan tied the knot on November 5th in the picturesque town of Port Gamble, WA, surrounded by family and friends, covering them in love and joy!

When Sofia and Tristan were teenagers, Sofia moved from Dupont to Olympia. As it so happens, Tristan was in Olympia and then moved to Dupont. Although they knew a lot of the same people, they hadn't yet met each other. At around age 16 Tristan's friend gave him Sofia's number and the two enjoyed talking, but didn't progress much in their relationship at the time because of living far away from each other. Sofia eventually moved.

Fast forward 6 years, the two happened to be right back in the same town, and since they had known of each other at a distance for 6 years, they decided to meet in person! As Sofia says, "the rest was history!"

The couple chose Port Gamble, WA for their destination wedding celebration. Port Gamble made the perfect location for their wedding because it is nestled along the shores of Puget Sound, not far from Seattle or Tacoma, and has SO MUCH to offer! This historic town shines with timeless charm, breathtaking views, and natural beauty - setting the stage for a dreamy celebration.

Port Gamble is a living museum, with its well-preserved 19th-century architecture that transports you back in time. The quaint streets lined with Victorian-style homes and the iconic St. Paul's Church provided a historic backdrop for this meaningful wedding.

It all started with the bride, bridesmaids and family getting ready that morning at The Resort at Port Ludlow, some 30 minutes from the quaint town of Port Gamble.

The Resort at Port Ludlow, WA, effortlessly blends natural beauty, luxury, and tranquility - setting the stage for their elegant wedding journey! The resort sits by the water, surrounded with lush greenery, panoramic water views, and beautiful architecture. The acomodations were super with every detail meticulously provided for their comfort. The getting-ready suite was quite spacious with panoramic views of the bay, making the perfect prelude to this incredible day.

Sage + Soul Photography (that's me!) was there from Tacoma to capture the fun and excitement as everyone was getting ready together. We created some fun shots in that room! We also had access to a room close by for the dress and detail shots.

Nestled within this enchanting town of Port Gamble, Washington, St. Paul's Church stands as a timeless testament to love, history, and the sacred union of two souls. This historic gem, with its Victorian charm and serene ambiance, has become a cherished haven for couples seeking a wedding venue that transcends the ordinary since it's beginning in 1879!

The Gothic Revival architecture - white and soft blue - adorned with intricate stained glass windows and elegant wooden pews, sets the stage for a wedding that is both classic and timeless. Even though the weather was drizzling, everyone was cozy inside this lovely country church.

Sofia chose the church front steps for her first look moment with her dad, Michael, and there was not a dry eye!

Sofia and Tristan chose to not see each other that day until the wedding itself, and I will never forget the look in his eye when he first saw her coming down the isle. It was very meaningful having Sofia's Aunt AnnMarie Hull officiate the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and some tears of joy were shed by those who love this couple deeply!

Immediately following the ceremony, the couple went right up to ring the church bell - something they had been looking forward to!

The reception took place at Hood Canal Vista Pavilion, just a few minutes from the church. Sofia and Tristan made their grand entrance after their portrait session with Leah in the church, and the guests erupted in clapping and cheering. The reception was a celebration full of love, laughter, and dance. The toasts, the cake cutting, and the first dance—all moments that unfolded in front of my lens like a beautiful dance of emotions.

After beautiful, heartfelt toasts were shared with well wished for the new marriage, DJ got the party going with lights, memorable first dances, and the shoe game!

Check out this amazing cake ~ Sweet Vickery! ~ and these incredible custom cookies made especially for Sofia and Tristan by her stepdad's sister, the talented - Taylor!

What made this wedding truly special for me was the genuine connection I shared with Sofia & Tristan and their beautiful family and friends. As I captured not just posed portraits, but candid moments all day that revealed the essence of their connection and love for each other. The trust they placed in me as their photographer allowed me to document their day with authenticity and heart.

As I sifted through the hundreds of images post-event, each photograph became a chapter in Sofia and Tristan's love story. The smiles, the looks, the jokes, the laughter—all were frozen in time, ready to be revisited for years to come. I was especially moved by all the long-time couples on the dance floor, and thinking of that tremendous legacy of love and committment! Such wonderful friends to surround this newly married couple with support and love.

It truly is an honor to be invited in to the most important day of their lives, to document the beginning of a new chapter together and to create visual memories that will be cherished for generations. I left the celebration with a heart full of gratitude for being a witness to such a beautiful love story.

As a wedding photographer, it's not just about clicking pictures; it's about telling a love story through the lens, and will be cherished for a lifetime. Tristan and Sopfia's wedding was not just an event; it was a testament to the power of love, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Share this post with their family and friends so they, too, can enjoy photos from the day!

Be sure to leave a comment wishing the newlyweds well in their life together as husband and wife!


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